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Deputy Sheriff Bob Kahn has a Master's Degree in Education. He was a sixth grade teacher for ten years. As he taught, he became concerned with the drug and gang problems that are plaguing our nation.

Now he has brought us these valuable tools to keep our children safe - the series of children's safety books. His first two titles are:

Bobby and Mandee's Too Safe for Strangers AND

Bobby and Mandee's Too Smart for Bullies

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Bob's Mission
Bob became a D.A.R.E. instructor. While teaching D.A.R.E. he perfected a program he calls "too smart for strangers". His program has foiled twenty-two stranger abductions! His first book, "Too Safe for Strangers" is based on this program. His other books on children's safety reflect his knowledge of working with children and helping them learn to deal with today's problems.

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